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Five Special Advantages Of Scheduling Platforms for Healthcare Practices


People are accustomed to making restaurant reservations, ordering food, checking in on planes, and making phone bank deposits. A visit to a doctor shouldn’t be an exception.

In an era of digitization and a fast-paced world, everyone is inclined to make things easier, and with more and more use of smartphones, convenience has reached a new level.

However, despite the excessive online communication globally, its use between patients and healthcare providers remains low. This is where imeetify comes to the rescue. Imeetify is a rescue for individuals as well as healthcare practitioners.

Like we have heard, ‘some heroes don’t wear capes, and we call them doctors,’ we all can proudly vouch for this sentence today. Undoubtedly, we all survived the pandemic due to the hard work of the doctors. We learned to run away from places during this pandemic to save our lives. Now, the patients expect to access the information when looking for a doctor in an emergency. They expect this information to be accessible on their cellphones from their houses.

The rapidly growing patient rate and the need for effective and efficient healthcare are rapidly increasing, and this has become a big challenge.

Imeetify.com helps overcome these challenges and reduces the communication gap between patients and healthcare providers.

With imeetify, you can easily let your patient schedule an appointment. This will not only enhance the patient experience but will also skyrocket patient acquisition. Healthcare providers often face loss with no-show patients. And to streamline the difference between patients and healthcare providers, Imeetify provides simplified appointment booking.

Online scheduling is a practice that enables individuals to easily schedule their booking in the healthcare sector or medical facilities. On the contrary, healthcare providers can select available days to accept appointment bookings.

Now, let’s see the benefits of adapting online scheduling in the healthcare sector:

  • Better time management:

Scheduling appointments is one of the biggest hurdles faced by healthcare providers. A lot of time is consumed in tele-communication, scheduling appointments, or rescheduling. With the powerful features of imeetify, healthcare providers can let patients choose their slot from the available slot, and you can easily create a schedule simply by sharing a link.

Providers can also give an option to patients for rescheduling appointments. As all the appointment processes will be automated, administrative jobs can be reduced- resulting in better time management.

  • Improves patient experience:

Like said, with the effective use of smartphones and in a busy life, patients now seek efficiency in scheduling appointments at health care centers. No one these days likes to stand in a long queue waiting for their turn to see the specialist. Imeetify highly improves patients’ experience by providing them with an online platform to schedule their appointment.

With online appointment scheduling, they will be free of all hassle and will be able to manage their other work accordingly. Having a pre-planned appointment makes things better at both ends.

  • Eases rescheduling the appointments:

We all live in a world where unplanned plans with friends work the best. But wouldn’t it be disheartening for you if your doctor’s appointment is collapsing with your plans?

Delivering convenience to patients is one of the best forms of care. Patients would have to unhappily visit the center or wait for long for their turn to come, which ultimately flops the plan. But, here comes the useful feature of rescheduling the appointment for your patients. If your patient wants to reschedule their appointment, they can easily make changes without moving out.

  • Extend Tele-consultation

Not everyone is comfortable talking about their problems to anyone. However, there should be a way to solve the problem. Imeetify brings the one. With online scheduling, the platform also allows the patient to have tele-communications who feel discomfort or are unable to attend in-person consultation. Providing teleconsultation to patients will undoubtedly make your existing patients happy and leave no chance of impressing new customers.

Your patients might be traveling or might be busy with errands, or for any reason, if they might not make an appointment, they will always be at peace knowing they have an option for tele-consultation. Not only this, tele-consultation works the best in any unpleasant situation.

  • 24/7 scheduling availability:

In the conventional process, patients could only visit the hospital or clinic at a specified time or the opening hours. However, online scheduling lets your patient book your appointments any time of the day. Whether your patient is a night owl or a morning bird, they will have the utmost convenience to book their appointment any time of the day.

Also, no matter where your patients are, they can schedule appointments easily, and you’ll be more relaxed with a better plan well advanced. 24/7 availability works like a guarantee; you can be sure that you will see a deduction in no-show patients.

Final Thoughts
Imeetify is a magic-breaker for healthcare practitioners. Adapting a modern platform will ensure significant results for healthcare practices. If delivering efficiency, convenience, and improving patient experience is the goal of your healthcare practice, Imeetify will not disappoint you with its attributes.

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