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New Brand Salience and How to Measure it?


In the world of marketing, the term “brand salience” is often used to refer to a consumer’s ability to recall and recognize a particular brand. A brand that has high salience is one that is well-known among its target audience and is able to stand out from other brands in the same category.

But as the landscape of marketing continues to evolve and change, how can we ensure that our brand remains salient to consumers? And how can we accurately measure the effectiveness of our efforts to increase brand salience?

Firstly, let’s explore some of the ways that brands can work to increase their salience with consumers.

  • Consistent branding
    Consistency is key when it comes to creating a salient brand. Consumers need to be able to recognize and recall a brand across different touchpoints, channels and platforms. This means having a consistent visual identity, tone of voice and messaging strategy that is applied across all marketing materials, from social media posts to website copy.

  • Brand awareness campaigns
    Investing in brand awareness campaigns can also play a key role in increasing brand salience. These campaigns are designed to introduce your brand to consumers who may not have heard of it before and to reinforce the brand’s message and values to those who are already familiar with it.

  • Influencer marketing
    Partnering with influencers who have large followings can help to increase brand salience among specific target audiences. Influencers can help to promote your brand’s message and values in a way that feels authentic and relatable to their followers.
How do we measure the impact of these strategies on brand salience?

One way is through brand tracking studies. These studies typically involve surveying a representative sample of consumers to measure their awareness, perception and engagement with a particular brand over time.

To measure brand salience specifically, marketers may ask questions such as:

  • Have you heard of Brand X before?
  • When you think of [product category], which brand comes to mind first?
  • Which brands do you consider when you’re in the market for [product category]?

By tracking changes in responses to these questions over time, marketers can gain insight into how effectively their branding, awareness campaigns and/or influencer partnerships are increasing brand salience.

Another way to measure brand salience is through social listening tools. These tools allow marketers to monitor social media conversations around their brand, and to track changes in sentiment, volume and reach. By examining how often and in what context people are talking about your brand, you can gain a better understanding of your brand’s salience among different target audiences.


Ultimately, increasing and maintaining brand salience is essential for any brand that wants to compete in today’s crowded marketing landscape. By focusing on consistency, awareness and partnerships with influencers, and by measuring the impact of these efforts through brand tracking and social listening, brands can work to ensure that they remain top-of-mind with their target audience for years to come.

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