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India’s Ultimate Scheduling Platform for the Global Market

Scheduling Platform

The international market of meeting scheduling platforms has witnessed exponential growth in the last few years, mainly due to rising digitization and development in the features of current products that make connectivity smooth and easy during virtual meetings.

The rise in the development of smartphones and inexpensive connectivity are key factors enabling the development of the size of the scheduling software market.

Businesses are acknowledging the possibility of connecting with clients instantly and embracing online platforms such as appointment booking, scheduling software, and other similar platforms.

Several industries globally are adopting new management solutions as they deliver satisfactory results regarding client management, time administration, and answering assistance, thus increasing efficiency, trust, and productivity.

The Indian IT and Business Management sector has become the driving force and is a catalyst for economic growth, making a significant contribution to connecting clients with businesses, and playing a huge role in the welfare of society.

Today, Indian IT companies are giving stiff competition to other leading IT players worldwide. Emerging technologies from new entrepreneurs are now offering a new spectrum of opportunities for top IT firms in India.

India in the Global Scheduling software market

According to a report, the market size of the online appointment Scheduling Software Market was estimated at USD 223.83 Million in 2019 and is forecasted to reach upto USD 588.10 Million by 2027, growing at the rate of 12.54% from 2020 to 2027.

India, being on the global stage, is equally riding the wave and is now focusing on crossing the boundaries. With the increase in startups and entrepreneurship in the IT industry, initiatives and schemes launched by the Indian Government and the access to funding has made the entrepreneurs and business heads fearless.

The exact is the story when it comes to appointment scheduling platforms. With the launch of multiple software for different industries, the gap and the duration of businesses connecting with clients is reducing, and delivery of the best service is taking place.

Here are some of the scheduling software that is shaping the market.

Calendly is a famous meeting scheduler platform that removes the hassle of visiting emails for appointments back and forth. Compared to other systems, Calendly setup is easy. All users have to do is provide information regarding availability preferences, and calendly will do the rest. The meeting information will be delivered to the user in links via email. The user can choose a time slot for the meeting, and it will be added to the user calendar. The system integrates well with Google, Outlook, and Office 365. Calendly works well for business owners, sales teams, and other departments.

Zoho Bookings.
Zoho Bookings helps businesses in finding the perfect time to meet clients so a business can move forward. Thanks to Zoho bookings, sales representatives can connect easily with the client, resulting in easy-to-pitch products or services, recruiters can connect with qualified candidates for the role, and support teams can solve problems without worrying about meeting physically. A huge number of business heads, managers, and others benefit from using Zoho Bookings for booking appointments, sales calls, initiating support sessions, interviews, and other services.

GoSchedule is an appointment scheduling software developed for service providers by streamlining staff, bookings, reservations, and other services effectively on a single platform. The tools benefit businesses like health and wellness, beauty salons, and others. Enterprises can easily organize booking sites and implant calendars, allowing clients to book an appointment on their own easily. The software presents 1500+ integrations with external platforms like Zoom, WordPress, and more, making the scheduling task process easy. Also, the software holds an automated backup system that saves business data on the cloud-based technology with easy to restore.

Imeetify is the easiest online appointment and meeting scheduling platform. The platform’s dynamic yet easy-to-use meeting scheduler allows users to focus and coordinate day-to-day tasks. Imeetify removes the trouble of multiple emails and enables the scheduler to make things easy. The platform allows users to join meetings and events with a virtual link and connect the link with google calendar. Users can also share schedulers with clients along with their available time slots.

These are some of the best software that is bridging the gap between businesses and clients.

When it comes to connecting with clients in real time, it is important to go for services that are credible and trusted by everyone. Imeetify is your answer. We are here to take care of everything from online scheduling to meetings bookings. We are a trusted business management solution provider thanks to our artificial intelligence assistance. Connect now for more information.

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