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Best Calendly Alternatives available now

Calendly alternatives

Businesses often face the challenge of scheduling meetings back and forth with clients. It’s even worse when virtual scheduling meetings consume time. These factors affect not only the company’s growth but also reputational issues. Thus, finding and investing in the perfect appointment scheduling software is pivotal in dealing with such scenarios.

The development of Calendly software in 2013 was the answer to the issue of challenging or often failed schedule meetings or appointments.

Why people look for Calendly alternatives

Calendly offers software tools for automated meeting platforms that help businesses connect with their clients, minimizing the chances of communication failure and the risk of losing important clients. Calendly allows easy communication while enabling prospective clients to manage the booking easily.

What is Calendly?
Calendly is an advanced meeting scheduling software. It enables users to select preferences as they desire and then share the link via email with the client/team member. After picking the desired time slot, the event is automatically added to the calendar. Invitees can also see the scheduled openings and select the one that fits their requirements. That assures of providing a perfect time slot for inviter and invitees, sets up time zones.

The Calendly software is for one-on-one, round-robin, and collective scheduled meetings and appointments. The software contains various features, including calendar integrations with external platforms like Outlook, Office 365, and iCloud; apart from that, it also provides SMS, email notifications, customizations, and more.

For a far better user experience, Calendly also offers premium services that include more calendars for appointment or meeting bookings, ease in scheduling meetings, and a payment facility.

Despite being widely used scheduler software, Calendly has its limitations. These include challenges in setting up locations, software crashing down in the middle of the meetings, and clumsy chatbots. However, these are common problems that often occur, so it is best to look for other software capable of meeting the requirements. Here are some of the alternatives available.

Calendly Alternatives
Here are some of the alternatives that businesses can choose other than Calendly.

Setmore is an online scheduling platform for businesses to connect with clients. The platform manages reservations for meetings and appointments by providing an easy-to-use calendar system that helps businesses to be productive and effective. Setmore software has the best chat support that allows and resolves issues easily. Software pricing is affordable, and even premium services are affordable for businesses and individuals. By listing the invitees online, clients can self-book meeting slots as per their desirability.

HubSpot Meetings
HubSpot Meetings is an all-in-one meeting’s scheduler software with features like email tracking, meeting templates, meetings, and other services. The software is easy to operate. Users must connect their online calendars to the HubSpot platform and create a meeting link they can share with the invitees. HubSpot meeting is best for round-robin meetings, group meetings, and others.

Mixmax software is a Gmail-backed sales productivity system that has proven beneficial and effective to the business’s sales departments. Miramax consists of several features, like email tracking, emailing, and easy one-click meetings. Miramax software work by selecting the suitability of the meeting and customising the meetings schedule, including the duration; users can then add the link to their emails, website portals, and social media profiles. The software integrates with other systems like Google calendar and the Salesforce platform.

Acuity is a meeting scheduling platform developed specifically targeting small-scale businesses. The platform eases the hassle of the meeting by streamlining the settings, callings, conferences, and whatnot. The platform helps small-scale businesses by generating coupons, prizes, and easy membership, which helps businesses to attract clients.

10to8 is an easy service-based appointment scheduler that provides error-free meetings for inviters and invitees. 10to8 holds features that range from one-on-one bookings to group reservations. 10to8 scheduler has a smooth UI that integrates well with Google Calendar, Office 365, and platforms such as Salesforce and Pipedrive.

Imeetify is the easiest online appointment and meeting scheduling platform. The platform’s dynamic yet easy-to-use meeting scheduler allows users to focus and coordinate day-to-day tasks. Imeetify removes the trouble of multiple emails and enables the scheduler to make things easy. The platform allows users to join meetings and events with a virtual link and connect the link with google calendar. Users can also share schedulers with clients along with their available time slots.

These are just some of the best calendly substitutions that function well on different parameters, like features, affordability, and usage.

Every potential client is important for business. To manage them effectively, you need a fast and effective scheduling solution. That’s why imeetify is a one-stop solution for scheduling professionally and effectively at affordable prices. Want to know more about the platform? Contact us now.

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