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Build a Successful Account-Based Marketing Strategy


Account-based marketing (ABM) is a marketing approach that targets individual accounts or customers with personalized and relevant content based on their specific needs, interests, and preferences. With the help of ABM, you can develop a more efficient and streamlined approach to marketing, which can provide better results and lucrative returns on investment (ROI).

To create a successful account-based marketing strategy, follow these steps:
  • Identify Target Accounts: Begin by identifying target accounts, which are companies that you wish to win over as customers. To do so, you need to define your ideal customer profile (ICP) and analyze your current customer base to understand which companies have similar characteristics.

  • Find the Decision-Makers: Once you have a list of target accounts, identify the decision-makers within the organization. This information will include job titles, responsibilities, and departmental information. You can use various tools like LinkedIn, InsideView, or Hoover’s to collect this information.

  • Personalize Your Content: With ABM, you need to personalize your content for each account to make it more relevant and attractive to them. This includes creating personalized messaging, landing pages, social media posts, and email campaigns for each account.

  • Develop a Multi-Channel Approach: ABM requires a multi-channel approach to reach your target accounts effectively. This includes using channels like email, social media, display ads, direct mail, and personalized videos to target different individuals or decision-makers within the targeted account.

  • Measure Outcomes and Improve: ABM requires continuous optimization and improvement. Monitor how each account is performing and track the effectiveness of your campaigns. Utilize analytics to understand what is working and what isn’t, so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

  • Use social intelligence to understand what matters to prospects: A core tenet of account-based marketing is personalizing communications according to an account’s current initiatives and challenges. Companies evolve quickly so smart vendors monitor changes and trigger events at their target accounts.One method is to subscribe to public information services like Google Alerts to understand what is happening at a company level. Another tactic is to monitor social activity.
Benefits of Account-Based Marketing
  • Keep Marketing and Sales aligned.
  • Maximize your business’s relevance among high-value accounts.
  • Deliver consistent customer experiences.
  • Measure your return on investment.
  • Streamline the sales cycle.
  • Expand business through account relationships

ABM is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and success hinges on proper planning, execution, and measurement. Though, by creating a solid ABM strategy, you can achieve long-term customer acquisition, retention, and expansion success.

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