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10 Virtual Meeting Etiquette Tips to Make a Good Impression


As virtual meetings are becoming the norm in the post-COVID-19 world, it’s essential to know the proper etiquette to make a good impression. Virtual meetings can be productive and efficient, but they also require behavioral adjustments compared to in-person meetings.

Here are ten virtual meeting etiquette tips to help you make a good impression and have a successful meeting.
  • Be Punctual
    Punctuality is critical, regardless of whether the meeting is in person or virtual. Arriving on time is respectful to the other participants and sets a positive tone for the meeting. Ensure you log in a few minutes before the meeting starts to test your audio and video connection.

  • Dress Appropriately
    Your clothing choice for a virtual meeting is just as important as if you were in person. Dress professionally or in business casual attire, depending on the company culture. Avoid wearing distracting patterns or logos that might detract from the meeting’s focus.

  • Be Presentable
    Your surroundings should also look professional and tidy. Choose an area with good lighting and a quiet environment. Ensure there is minimal background noise or movement.

  • Mute Yourself
    Background noise from pets, children, or other ambient sounds can be distracting for the other participants. Muting your audio when not speaking is a great way to eliminate distractions.

  • Avoid Distractions
    Be fully present during the meeting and avoid multitasking. Close all tabs, put away your phone, and focus on the meeting. If the meeting will last for an extended period, ensure you take breaks as needed.

  • Use Video
    Using video during virtual meetings helps to establish better connections and improves communication. Ensure you have a working camera and monitor your facial expressions and body language for non-verbal cues.

  • Introduce Yourself
    If you are joining a virtual meeting with new people, introduce yourself briefly. This helps to establish a connection with the other participants and helps to break the ice.

  • Speak Clearly and Slowly
    Ensure your microphone is working properly and speak clearly and slowly to ensure that everyone can hear and understand you. Avoid speaking too quickly or too softly, as this can hinder communication.

  • Use Chat or Raise Your Hand
    Most virtual meeting platforms have a chat function or raise hand feature. If you have a question or need clarification, use the chat function or raise your hand to signal that you would like to speak.

  • End Professionally
    Thank the other participants for their time and contributions to the meeting. Confirm any action items or next steps and agree on the next meeting time if necessary.

In conclusion, virtual meetings have become a crucial aspect of doing business in today’s world. By adhering to these ten virtual meeting etiquette tips, you’ll create a positive and productive work environment for all participants. Remember, a little professionalism goes a long way in making a good impression!

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