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Trends Indicate Booming Opportunities for Healthcare Practices with Online

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Healthcare sector seems to benefit the most among all the industries that use online appointment scheduling tools. Medical appointments involve numerous struggles for patients and practices both.

Do you know missed medical appointments cost around $150 billion per year?

Practices and patients both suffer due to an incompetent appointment booking model. Patients suffer on multiple levels, and that gives rise to frustration.
Do you know-

  • Every 1 in 5 patients has to wait for practice to open to book an appointment.
  • 36.4% of people complain that they are being put on hold while booking an appointment over the telephone.
  • Telephonic appointment bookings are troublesome too. Only half of the people who try to book appointments over the telephone succeed in the first attempt.

What do patients prefer?

Patients prefer the convenience that comes with online appointment scheduling. 43% of the patients would go for an online appointment.

Moreover, approximately 35% of the clients have admitted an online appointment facility is one of the deciding factors when picking a healthcare practice.

Isn’t that amazing?

The biggest advantage of online scheduling is that 40% of the bookings are for the same day or next. There are no long queues or waiting periods. There is no need to wait for confirmations and put your other important tasks on hold. Patients can easily choose the slot that suits them the most. There is the ease of rescheduling or requesting an online consultation with such appointment apps. When it comes to getting reminders, texts or health tips, patients have shared a positive response that is a huge encouragement to adopt online patient management solutions. Around 73% of the patients have given the nod to getting health news and updates via text.

How can online appointment scheduling benefit healthcare practices?

The practitioners get their own set of benefits. With the help of online scheduling, they get one or two extra bookings for the day because there are no lags in schedules. Canceled appointments are not a headache anymore. Empty slots can be refilled because the waiting list is well-managed with such appointment scheduling systems.

Save your precious time!

Do you know that 52.2% of practices put in more than 10 hours a week in managing all the hassle around appointment booking? Whether rescheduling or reverting the calls and emails, the staff loses precious time handling the appointments rather than dedicating it to providing a seamless real-time experience. With an online appointment system, appointment management becomes easy and well-coordinated. The practitioners and support staff can utilize their time in ensuring patient care and satisfaction rather than indulging in tedious appointment hassle.

Save the cost!

That is right! Healthcare providers can save costs with the help of an online appointment system. The no-shows can easily be converted into virtual or telephonic appointments to save cost. It is not wishful thinking. The facts support the lucrative claim.
2.8 Million virtual appointments were conducted during just two months in 2020. Around 1.1 million canceled appointments were saved by converting them into telephonic or video consultations. Saved appointments vouch for patient retention and new patient acquisition. There was a 154% increase in telehealth visits in 2020.

The trends and figures are clear indicators of the growing utility of online appointment scheduling. More and more businesses are opting for scheduling systems for their businesses for all the benefits it brings.

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