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Special Appointment Scheduling Platforms for business in India


Three things ensure success and growth for a business- service, ease, and solution. The success of a business depends on how organized they are and how well they handle its events, meetings, and appointments. Any slot wasted costs money and resources.

Scheduling platforms are a relatively new digital transformation that has changed the business landscape.

Imagine struggling with sorting your calendar while trying to focus on far-important business aspects; the pain is real.

Here’s a list of top scheduling platforms used in India that have revolutionized the landscape for small and medium-sized businesses.

If you have a big team, calendly can be the perfect digital scheduling partner to handle team affairs. You can easily book slots for events such as webinars, meetings, and training sessions. It comes with unique features like one-on-one meetings and a round-robin. Round-robin allows you to strike a balance in various responsibilities for your team in automated mode.

No matter what your scheduling needs are, Doodle has a solution for you. It allows you to meet job candidates, conduct board meetings, and ultimately double the pace of your organization’s work. You can involve upto 10,000 people and enable great collaborations. Doodle ensures there are no to and fro when it comes to important business matters.

If you are looking for 24/7 scheduling assistance for your business needs, imeetify is an ideal scheduling partner. Whether virtual meets, one-on-one sessions, or in-person appointments, imeetify takes care of everything. You can manage your calendar and make the most of your time with just one click. You can easily integrate imeetify with third-party apps and enhance your business. After all, the right connections start at great meetings.

Acuity can enhance your sales ten folds by allowing lucrative features such as various payment gateways, offers and coupons, and add-on upselling. It is pro in converting meetings into a fruitful business. Acuity is more than your appointment scheduler. A thin margin for no-show-offs ensures you utilize your time in creating business and revenue.

You don’t have to chase invoices anymore if you choose setmore as your scheduling partner. It allows you to receive advance payments. It handles your leg work appropriately so that you are left with ample time to dedicate your energy to business expansion and revenue generation. Moreover, you get a money-back guarantee if unsatisfied with the services.

Offering you four pricing plans, appointy is packed with amazing features at reasonable prices. You can choose the plan that fits your needs suitably. Appointy handles a few major players in the market and is known for providing flexibility to businesses. It eliminates the time constraint and allows more business opportunities through efficient online scheduling.

A powerful CRM platform that offers different plans for different business sizes. HubSpot is more than a scheduling platform. It might be too far above your weight if you are only looking for an appointment scheduling feature. It’s a great solution for people who aim to move through the sales funnel and convert leads quickly. It’s much more than a scheduling assistant.

Digital scheduling platforms have made time management easy. No slot is missed, and no time is wasted when you purchase a suitable scheduling plan from an efficient scheduling platform. imeetify is one of the top scheduling partners, as mentioned in the list. Know why you should choose imeetify for your scheduling needs.

Why Choose imeetify?
The fact that imeetify is recommended more by the clients says a lot about how it has helped businesses. imeetify is supported at maximum platforms and can provide seamless third-party integration. The clients love it because it provides 24/7 live support and can work wonders to eliminate time zone barriers.

And the best part, is the pocket-friendly pricing plan! You can purchase the premium plan with all features and unlimited access at just $6/month.


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