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10 Business Email Phrases to avoid now

Transactional Email

Email is an essential communication tool in the business world, so it’s important to craft emails that are professional and informative and certain phrases are commonly used in them. This email phrase is often used to preface information that does require an immediate response. If you’re sending an email that requires a response or action, it’s best to be direct.

As per email statistics from finance online, 333.2 billion emails are currently sent daily. It’s one of the most economical communication tools in the world.

We are listing out some of these phrases that can be quite harmful to your communication. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most commonly used phrases in business emails to avoid:

  • I’m sorry for the trouble
  • Not sure if you saw my previous email
  • Attached please find
  • FYI, FYKI…
  • Your patience is appreciated
  • Let’s touch base it
  • Hope you would have understood
  • So on and So Forth
  • To whomever it may concern
  • Warm Regards

Having professional phrases in emails is essential to ensure that emails are taken seriously. Although email is meant to be quick, it is important to take time to revise the writing before clicking send. Spell checking and grammar should be reviewed to make sure that things are accurate and facts are properly presented. Creating a brief but descriptive subject line, including the necessary recipients, and attaching any necessary documents are all important components of a successful business email.

Taking time to ensure that emails are properly written can help create positive impressions, no matter the purpose of the message


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