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Exclusive Scheduling Platform for Professionals

Scheduling platform

A scheduling platform is a software solution that allows businesses to schedule their booking, appointment, meetings, and much more. A software like this can help in automating the task of scheduling, and a lot of them have great features such as:

  • Reminders for appointments/meetings
  • Calendar integration
  • Mobile compatibility

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at how the medical industry can benefit from it.
Do Clinics and Hospitals Benefit From Scheduling Platforms?
It goes without saying, yes, they do benefit from using scheduling software.

A good scheduling platform can help keep track of patients’ appointments and other related details. Moreover, it helps prevent people from double booking and further helps in eliminating man-made errors while automating the entire process. It allows you to view daily appointments and cancellations; with that information, you can make better use of your day.

Benefits Of Using Scheduling Platforms in India

Here are some great benefits of using scheduling Platforms:

  • For starters, it allows your customers/patients to book appointments for themselves at any time. Even if your clinic is closed, they can access the platform to schedule an appointment at the earliest. This further helps in reducing the chances of an appointment being canceled due to time constraints.
  • It also helps the clinic staff improve their efficiency. Additionally, it reduces the chances of people rebooking their appointments.
  • Good scheduling platforms remind either party of the upcoming appointment, thus, reducing the likelihood of no-shows.
  • In addition to the above, it also helps decrease the wait time for their patients. As per this report by Statista, over 50% of Indians agree the wait time is quite long. But with a good scheduling platform, clinics can significantly decrease their wait time!
  • With everything going online, it will be easier for patients to book their appointments online.
  • Certain medical-specific scheduling platforms also contain the patient’s data; this way, you not only keep up with your appointments but have access to their data as well.
  • Certain medical-specific scheduling platforms also allow the patient to cancel their appointment, thus reducing the number of no-shows.

Scheduling Platform: Features You Should Look Out For
Of course, most platforms have their own unique features. But here are a few features you should keep an eye out for if you’re looking for a scheduling platform.

  • A Book Page – A page where customers/patients can book an appointment based on availability.
  • Calendar Sync – An important feature is calendar integration; this helps in keeping track of the appointment. Once the patients book the appointment, the booking should reflect on their personal calendars.
  • Reminders – Another great feature you should keep an eye out for. This feature reminds both the involved parties about their upcoming appointment. The reminders can be set one hour prior to the appointment or at any time of your choice.
  • Set Working Hours – It allows clinics to set up their working hours on the platform, so patients can schedule their appointment accordingly.
  • Rescheduling or Cancelling – this is an important feature; there are times when the patient may not be able to make it for a number of reasons; this feature lets them reschedule or cancel their appointments.

Future of Scheduling Platforms
As per MSG (the Market Statsville Group), the global scheduling platform industry is about to go USD 786.2 Mil by 2030f from 281.2 Mil. This means that it is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 12.1%.

Furthermore, India is one of the countries in Asia that has been predicted to overtake the United States as the country with the most online bookings by 2024; this is as per a report by Finance Online.

Final Thoughts
The scheduling platform market is growing rapidly, without a doubt, and the Indian market for the same, as mentioned, is also growing significantly.

With scheduling platforms in place, people will now experience a faster and more efficient visit to the clinic. As for the healthcare providers, they too will benefit greatly from this in several ways, as explained above.

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