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Impact of Cancelled Patient Appointments & How to Manage it Effectively !


How can facilities manage canceled appointments effectively?

Imagine going through the tussle of providing an appointment slot to a client or patient and later receiving a cancellation; every facility goes through such pain now and then. It takes quite an adjustment to provide the customers with their desired appointment slots. The wasted preparation by the staff and struggle to reschedule, going through that all over again is a tedious process.

A simple, smart, and secure method of handling such no-show-offs or last-minute cancellations is imeetify.com. Say hello to smart scheduling or rescheduling. It is now possible to manage cancellations and optimize your schedules. Appointment cancellation is pretty much unavoidable. It is not mandatory that a business unit, hospital, or any other facility need to suffer in the course. Cancellation is not bad news anymore. imeetify.com helps you manage cancellation in many ways-

Easy rescheduling via a link

As soon as a client cancels an appointment, imeetify.com notifies you of an empty slot. You can easily provide the empty slot to some other client in line. No, you don’t have to go through the tedious process of confirming and re-confirming; send them a link, and there you have saved the day. Facilities like hospitals or healthcare providers can use this function to help the clients on the waiting list.

Allot another slot via a link

Don’t let the preparation go wasted; provide your client with another slot on canceling the previous one. You can go through your calendar and find another available slot for the day and book your client an appointment by just sharing a link.

Send meeting reminders

No show-offs take away the window to fill the slot with another client and reschedule. No show-offs can be managed easily using imeetify.com. It allows you to send reminders to your clients via emails and texts.

Multiple slot options

You can provide your clients an overview of opened slots in a day/ month. imeetify.com provides you an option to embed a personalized calendar link as a signature. By opening multiple slots for a day, the cancellation can be managed easily. The client can reschedule the same day on his own.

Multiple time zones

Canceled appointments are not a problem for facilities with a global audience. A canceled appointment can be an available slot for a client in a different time zone. imeetify.com keeps the tab for you.

Save your time

The process around scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling an appointment does not have to be dreary anymore. The process around cancellation is not time-consuming for either on parties. imeetify.com saves your time most efficiently.

No need to lose your clients

With imeetify.com at your service, losing your clients is unlikely. An important meeting, a crucial appointment; imeetify.com provides you with multiple options to reschedule the meeting.

Appointment cancellation is not pleasant news for different organizations. But imeetify.com provides you with multiple solutions to manage last-minute cancellations. Irrespective of what business you run, what kind of clients you deal with, a simple and secure way of scheduling your appointments is imeetify.com. It is now possible to manage appointment cancellation effectively while perfectly keeping your calm.

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