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Imeetify Exclusive – Availability Management and Marking a Holiday

Availability management

iMeetify is a scheduling tool designed to help users coordinate and plan appointments and events efficiently. A general outline of how availability management and marking a holiday typically work in iMeetify.

Availability Management:

Availability management allows users to set their preferred time slots when they are available for meetings, events, or appointments. It helps prevent scheduling conflicts and streamlines the process of finding mutually suitable meeting times.

To manage your availability in iMeetify (or a similar tool), follow these steps (please note that the actual steps may vary depending on the tool’s specific features):

  • Login and Access Calendar: Sign in to your iMeetify account and navigate to the calendar availability section.

  • Set Working Hours: Define your typical working hours or the times when you are generally available for appointments. You can customize this based on your daily schedule.

  • Block Off Busy Times: Mark specific time slots as busy or unavailable if you have pre-existing commitments during those periods (e.g., meetings, personal appointments).

  • Sync with Other Calendars: If you have other calendars (e.g., Google Calendar), ensure they are synced with iMeetify to avoid potential double bookings.

  • Update Availability Regularly: Keep your availability up to date, especially if there are any changes in your schedule.
Marking a Holiday:

Marking holidays in your calendar helps you communicate to others that you are not available during specific dates due to public or personal holidays.

  • Add Holiday: In an appointment/event mark a holiday by specifying the date(s) when you will be unavailable.

  • Set Event as Unavailable: When adding the holiday event, ensure that the event is marked as “Holiday” so that others can see that you are not accessible during those times.

  • Undo Holidays : You can also cancel the holiday event if you are working on a particular date
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