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How imeetify Makes Business Easy


Owning and operating a business appears to be a massive effort. Thousands of tasks must be completed to put the operations in place. Scheduling meetings and appointments is a real challenge amidst all of these tasks.

A corporate leader spends 23 hours each week in meetings, according to one survey. This is a substantial amount. On the other hand, the time spent organizing and scheduling meetings according to the timetable is not considered. According to research, 4.75 hours are spent every week planning 15 appointments!

To get rid of this, there needs to be a solution that makes arranging and scheduling meetings incredibly seamless. Imeetify is the right fit for the purpose. It is the most easiest scheduling application available in the market. It helps you arrange and schedule your meetings just by sharing a link!

How does it help?

The traditional method of scheduling and arranging meetings is inefficient and inaccurate. With Imeetify, this procedure is reduced to a more straightforward way! To plan a meeting or an appointment, one must find an availability, then verify the availability of the other party, and lastly, the meeting is set.

imeetify and its features

In-tunes with existing Google Calendar

Imeetify.in syncs with your current Google Calendar and sends you automatic meeting updates, allowing you to not only arrange a meeting but also stay on schedule. Benefit from the dynamic nature and features of Imeetify to make your work life easier.

Supports different Time Zones

Scheduling will accommodate your demands regardless of time zones. The following functionality aids entrepreneurs and professionals all over the world in managing and scheduling meetings and appointments in a smooth manner.

Easy to Operate

The simplicity of operation is tempting to anyone who wants to schedule meetings without having to sift through calendars and scribble down available space. Just feed in your complex timetable, and Imeetify will make it ever so simple for you to schedule meetings.

Mobile Friendly

Managing appointments made easy with Imeetify. Imeetify allows you to manage and schedule your meetings from your mobile device. You can now just share your Imeetify link to organize and manage appointments on the go!

There are several ways your business can benefit from it

Seamless Time management

Imeetify helps you in seamless time-management by helping you schedule meetings in a better and efficient way. All you have to do is insert your schedule in the application and share the link with the individuals who want to have a meeting with you.

Efficient operations

Coordinating a meeting requires a lot of phone calls and emails. This can be distracting and obstruct you from doing crucial business tasks. Imeetify makes your company operations efficient by taking the minimum time to schedule appointments and meetings.

Makes collaborations easy

Business collaborations are an essential component that contributes to the company’s success. Collaboration occurs through a series of meetings and conversations. imeetify makes online appointment management and cooperation is easier.

Large corporations, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, spend too many precious resources on ineffective meeting management and scheduling that might be better spent elsewhere.

Be smart and savvy with log-in to Imeetify.com to benefit your business today!

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