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How imeetify.com would be Ultimate Beneficial for HR & Recruitment

Recruitment Beneficial

The human resources department plays a vital role in a company’s growth and progress. This is one area of the enterprise that must be constantly updated to remain relevant in the digital era. The movement of traditional HR & recruitment to digital improves HR operations and the recruitment process. imeetify.com takes charge and helps you with seamless time management and automatic scheduling. This scheduling app eliminates the hassle and lets the HR team arrange meetings and interviews for the prospective candidates.

So, why should human resource professionals and departments even think about appointment scheduling software? There are several advantages to adopting booking and scheduling software in HR operations. Here is a list of reasons why imeetify.com is helpful for HR and recruitment.

Boost Productivity

Productivity is defined as the efficiency with which a company’s resources are used to create a desirable result. Organizing a meeting and sending numerous emails to arrange a suitable time falls through very regularly in HR and recruitment. As a result, the entire recruiting process becomes less productive and time-consuming. This circumstance can be easily inverted by using imeetify.com’s automated meeting scheduling via a simple link. This is a straightforward, three-step procedure.

Plan and conduct interviews easily.

HR personnel can be burdened with other essential business activities. As a result, arranging and conducting interviews for the rest of the time is a tedious task. However, with imeetify.com, it can be done quickly. Feed in your timetable and send the link to the candidate. The candidate will choose a slot as per the available timings. This reduces the chances of meeting cancellation and makes conducting interviews easier.

Better Efficiency

A straightforward way to boost efficiency is by reducing tangible and intangible resources needed to get a task done. Scheduling back-to-back interviews and meetings are not efficient the conventional way. It leads to a lot of miscommunication and failure. One way to increase efficiency for HR and recruitment purposes is to use imeetify.com. The app integrates multiple features, like timezone support and google calendar sync that helps the HR department be more efficient and quick.

Plan company events effortlessly.

Human resource departments provide a wide range of employee development initiatives, such as training programs, events, lunch and learn, etc. However, disseminating knowledge may be time-consuming. Events for the organization may be quickly scheduled using a calendar and meeting software without interfering with vital staff duties. imeetify.com can send prepared timetables and schedules via a simple link.

The enhanced Onboarding process for new employees

Make your new employees feel welcomed and prepare them for their new professional journey. The HR department can arrange orientation, onboarding, and company orientation meetings for new employees. Arrange a quick orientation meeting without the need for to and fro emails with imeetify.com

With the help of imeetify.com, human resource managers will be able to effectively lead and steward their employees and ultimately enhance overall operations in the business. As known, technology is the key today to boost any company in the direction of growth.

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