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Exclusive: 20 Fun Facts About Event Marketing

Event marketing

Event marketing is a powerful tool that helps organizations to create brand awareness, generate leads, and build relationships with customers or prospects. As a virtual assistant, I have done my share of event marketing over the years for various clients and industries.

Here are 20 fun facts about event marketing that every marketer should know.
  • Event marketing is the fastest-growing marketing strategy, with a 15.8% growth rate in 2021.

  • 87% of marketers consider events as a crucial part of their marketing strategy.
  •  The majority of marketers spend at least 20% of their marketing budget on events.

  •  Trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences are the most popular types of events.
  • The global events industry is estimated to be worth $1.1 trillion by 2023.

  • Event marketing generates an average of 20% of all leads for B2B companies.
  • 40% of marketers believe that events are the most effective way to generate leads.

  • 74% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after attending an event.
  • 80% of attendees at trade shows have the power to make purchasing decisions.

  • 77% of marketers use experiential marketing at events to create engagement.
  • The top reasons people attend events are to learn something new, network with others, and have fun.

  • Event marketing helps to create brand awareness and to build a positive brand image.
  • 60% of marketers plan to increase their event budgets in the coming years.

  • On average, attendees spend 4.9 hours at trade shows.
  • 79% of trade show attendees share the information they gathered with others.

  • Event marketing increases brand image by 52%.
  • 45% of event attendees plan to buy the products or services they saw at the event.

  • Trade shows are the biggest source of revenue for event organizers, generating $12.8 billion in revenue in 2019.
  • Live events help consumers better understand a brand’s products or services.

  • The most effective social media channels for promoting events are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

In conclusion, event marketing is a powerful tool for businesses looking to create brand awareness, generate leads, and build relationships with customers or prospects. By understanding the above fun facts and integrating them into your event marketing strategy, you can achieve optimal results, create a positive brand image, and drive sales.

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