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Special 48 Breakout Apps and Apptrepreneurs to Watch!

Breakout Apps
47 Top Breakout Apps & Apptrepenuers_APPSAMURAI

25 Jun 2020

Posted at 11:33h in Mobile App DevelopmentMobile App Marketing ArticlesMobile App Success Stories by Brittney Ihrig

The mobile and app industry moves fast due to its low-barriers-to-entry, low-cost of production and high-market penetration. Revenue also echoes this sentiment, with the app industry growing from $365 billion in 2018 to a projected $935 billion in 2023. Thus, it is important to stay abreast of the biggest movers in the app and mobile industry. We have compiled a comprehensive list of Apptrepreneurs and apps to watch out for! We talked directly to the Apptrepreneurs that are spearheading the success of their newly launched or recently popularised app, that we think should be on your radar.  

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Source: 48 Breakout Apps and Apptrepreneurs to Watch! (appsamurai.com)

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