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3 Ways to Automate your Medical Practice Front Office

Medical Practice

The front office of medical practice is highly busy most of the time. In addition to responding to existing patients queries, your front office is busy scheduling new appointments and refilling the cancelled appointments.

When your front office is stretched, it negatively affects your business growth. The reduced and slow response will trigger the patient’s experience and also disturb the existing patient’s repetition.

Most of the front office challenges can be solved by leveraging advanced technology to automate the front office jobs. Here are three ways you can automate your medical practice.

  • Automate appointment scheduling
    Missing calls or responding to the calls will lead to now show. Moreover, it also blocks following new patients. Scheduling appointments offline can be very tedious and time-consuming; managing too many calls and allocating the slot also confuses the front officers. Moreover, people these days are running out of time and looking forward to saving their time by finding convenient solutions in every situation.

Using a platform like imeetify.com will help practices to automate appointment scheduling. It allows patients to book appointments any time of the day. On the other hand, clinics can check available days to accept appointment booking. Online appointment scheduling will reduce to and fro and will eliminate waste of time and energy, which can be implemented in other tasks.

  • Online rescheduling appointment
    Cancellation of appointments is very common these days. There are many reasons as to why patients miss their medical appointments. However, for practitioners, this may be a big problem. It increases their work of rescheduling appointments and filling the empty slot for someone else. Moreover, the failed rescheduling of appointments can lead to the failure of leads.

In today’s world, where there is so much on the plate, giving so much effort to catch the lead through various platforms is not enough. The perfect solution to overcome this challenge is leveraging online appointment rescheduling. With online rescheduling, appointments can be quickly scheduled and rescheduled by patients. imeetify.com offers flexibility to reschedule appointments easily. The overwhelming job can be fully automated, and do not expect your additional time. It drastically reduces the percentage of patients’ leads that are unable to schedule.


Many potential clinics lose patients as they no don’t provide online consultation or tele-consultation. There can be many reasons why patients look for tele-consultation, it may be because of the discomfort of patients for an in-person consultation, or maybe the condition does not allow them to walk to the doors, or maybe the person is in some other city. Knowing that there is no tele-consultation will disappoint patients.

With tele-consultation, clinics can provide consultation to patients visiting from anywhere. It will allow clinics to efficiently manage wellness appointments. Moreover, knowing that clinics use advanced technology and systems for providing consultation and treatment will boost patients’ experience.

Putting it all together

This automation can resolve most of the issues your clinic is facing now. Turning appointment scheduling online will reduce no show and increase the leads. Making the most out of the resources available will upgrade your clinic’s standards and patient experience. imeetify.com allows easy online booking with no complexity, optimizing the front desk.

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