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12 Trustworthy HVAC Blogs and Forums to Stay Informed

HVAC Blogs

The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies, trends, and best practices emerging regularly. To stay updated on the latest developments and connect with industry professionals, HVAC blogs and forums are invaluable resources.

In this blog, we will introduce you to 12 trustworthy HVAC blogs and forums that provide reliable information, expert insights, and a platform for knowledge sharing.
  • HVAC Talk: HVAC Talk is a popular online forum where HVAC professionals and enthusiasts gather to discuss various topics, seek advice, and share their expertise. With a diverse community of knowledgeable members, this forum covers everything from troubleshooting and technical discussions to industry news and trends.

  • HVAC School: HVAC School is an educational platform and blog that offers valuable resources for HVAC technicians, contractors, and homeowners. Their blog covers a wide range of HVAC topics, including installation techniques, troubleshooting tips, equipment reviews, and industry updates. They also offer podcasts and online courses for further learning.

  • ACHR News: ACHR News is a leading source of news, insights, and analysis for the HVAC industry. Their blog covers industry trends, new technologies, legislative updates, and business strategies. With a team of experienced writers and industry experts, ACHR News provides valuable information for HVAC professionals.

  • Energy Vanguard: Energy Vanguard focuses on energy efficiency and building science topics, including HVAC systems. Their blog features in-depth articles on indoor air quality, HVAC design, insulation, ventilation, and more. With a focus on sustainable and efficient HVAC practices, Energy Vanguard is a go-to resource for those interested in green HVAC solutions.

  • HVAC School Blog: The HVAC School Blog, created by industry veteran Bryan Orr, offers insightful articles and educational content for HVAC technicians and contractors. From technical topics like refrigerant charging to business advice and customer service tips, this blog covers a wide range of HVAC-related subjects.

  • Contractor Magazine: Contractor Magazine covers the latest news, trends, and innovations in the HVAC, plumbing, and mechanical contracting industries. Their HVAC section provides informative articles, product reviews, industry insights, and interviews with industry leaders. It’s a valuable resource for contractors and HVAC professionals looking to stay updated.

  • HVAC Insider: HVAC Insider is a comprehensive online publication that caters to the HVAC industry. Their blog covers a wide range of topics, including HVAC technology, industry events, product reviews, and business advice. With contributions from industry experts, HVAC Insider offers valuable insights and information for professionals.

  • Reddit – HVAC: Reddit has a dedicated HVAC community where professionals and enthusiasts come together to discuss HVAC-related topics. The HVAC subreddit allows users to ask questions, share experiences, and engage in discussions related to HVAC systems, troubleshooting, career advice, and more.

  • HVAC School Forum: HVAC School Forum is an online community where HVAC professionals and students can connect, share knowledge, and seek advice. With different sections dedicated to technical discussions, career guidance, and business-related topics, this forum provides a platform for learning and collaboration.

  • The HTRC: The HTRC (Homeowner’s and Trades Resource Center) offers a blog focused on HVAC, home improvement, and energy efficiency. Their HVAC section provides useful information for homeowners and contractors, covering topics such as HVAC maintenance, system selection, and energy-saving tips.

  • HVAC-Talk UK: HVAC-Talk UK is a forum specifically designed for HVAC professionals in the United Kingdom. It serves as a platform for UK-based technicians, contractors, and industry experts to discuss local codes, regulations, equipment, and other HVAC-related topics relevant to the UK market.

  • HVAC Learning Solutions Blog: HVAC Learning Solutions, an HVAC training provider, maintains a blog with informative articles and resources for HVAC professionals. Their blog covers a wide range of topics, including technical tips, industry updates, certification guidance, and career development advice.

Staying informed and connected within the HVAC industry is essential for HVAC professionals, contractors, and homeowners alike. The 12 trustworthy HVAC blogs and forums mentioned in this blog offer a wealth of information, expert insights, and a platform for knowledge sharing. Whether you’re seeking technical advice, industry news, or simply looking to engage with fellow HVAC enthusiasts, these resources are invaluable for staying updated and connected in the dynamic HVAC industry.

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